Dr Looi Kok Poh – Singapore Leading Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

Dr Looi Kok Poh – Singapore Leading Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

Dr Looi Kok Poh, Well Respected Hand Surgeon in Singapore

Dr Looi Kok Poh is a prominent medical doctor who is well respected by his peers because of his great experience in orthopedics, hand and wrist surgery as well as his great passion when doing his work as a reconstructive microvascular surgeon.

Dr Looi Kok Poh studied his basic bachelor degree in medicine and surgery training in Singapore, then joined Royal College of Surgeons of which is situated in Edinburg, to further his studies in orthopedics. And later he joined Mayo Clinic Rochester in Minnesota in the United States of America to advance on his skills in, hand surgery, orthopedics and microsurgery.

Due to his great knowledge and experience in surgery, Doctor Looi Kok Poh was appointed as the chairman in the department of, Wrist Interest Group of the Singapore society, where he also served as one of the prominent
doctor trainers, in the Department of Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery at the National University Hospital Singapore (NUHS).

Due to his devotion, exuberant and great determination in his work Dr Looi Kok Poh was honored with
several awards and scholarship such as the; NUH Young Doctors Awards, SOA ambassadors to HKOA and many more
medical and national awards in USA.

Dr. Looi Kok Poh has been used as the good example character to both patients and workmates, as people describe him as a person who is approachable by anybody despite your situations and he loves helping and mingling with clients all times in order to understand their problems, and also to providing them with unique medical treatments they need.

Hand & Wrist Surgeon

Due to his great experience in hand surgery, Dr. Looi started a hand wrist and microsurgery clinic in Singapore Gleneagles Medical Centre. Dr Looi has been providing his patients with effective treatments.

He is known to be a humble doctor and approachable by anybody any time who seek his medical assistance concerning hand, wrist or upper limb injury and medical condition.

Image showing Dr Looi Kok Poh performing surgery

Visiting Consultants Head
Due to his high professionalism in hand surgery Dr Looi Kok pol was appointed to be the doctor in charge of,
visiting consultant in the of hand surgeon and microsurgery services at National University Hospital in Singapore (NUHS). Dr Looi uses his time to train young medical students and other medical professionals’ on hand and wrist surgeries, and also on how to offer effective treatment services to their clients. This helps him to ensure that there is a transfer of knowledge to other medical professionals therefore facilitating production of excellent doctors like him in providing future hand surgeon services.

Chairmanship & President
Due to his excellent managerial skills, Dr Looi Kok Pol was appointed to be chairman of the Wrist Interest Group of Singapore society For Hand Surgery this shows that he has good leadership qualities apart from being a hand surgeon doctor thus this enables him to ensure that services offered to the clients are of high standard. Dr. Looi Kok Poh also was appointed as the president of the surgery, for Hand surgery society in Singapore whereby he used to coordinate all the activities dealing with the hand surgeon.

Doctor Looi Kok Poh has been a great help to many people in the National Medical Council, which was formed to do research projects. Dr Looi KP uses his skill and medical knowledge on hand, wrist and reconstructive microsurgical to guide them on their projects they are working on.

Despite Dr Looi Kok Poh being a trainer in National University hospital he also continues to provide services to the patients who are suffering from hand and wrist conditions.


Orthopedic is a branch of medicine that deals with correction of bones and muscles deformities i.e. Musculoskeletal
systems. Orthopedic surgeon is a branch of medical specialist, who are specialized in treated of all bone disorders and other bone complications like shoulder, elbow, knee, cartilage regeneration, bone raptures, sports injuries and many more.

Doctor Looi offers both surgical treatments and non-surgical treatments. His goal and mission is to ensure that patients with hand and wrist problems are served properly so that they could return to their normal life.

Dr Looi’s Singapore clinic is also well equipped with modern & advanced medical equipment to offer patients with high standard treatments. The clinic is well staffed with highly trained and competent medical nurses and doctors who have broad knowledge on handling all bone problems.

Among the disorders treated, the common disorders include sports injuries involving torn ligaments or tendons, cartilage joints disorders. Reconstruction services of total knee and hip replacement treatments, musculoskeletal tumors and broken bones fixation. Other treatments provided include treatments of disorders like joint pains treatments and management, backbone stabilization, acute and severe orthopedic conditions, postural training, accident injuries and many more disorders that can be treated through physiotherapy process.

Physiotherapy mostly aims at treating problems that are postoperative joints and other acute injuries that may have occurred due to activities like sporting or accidents.